Who We Are

VadersMarines is a squad in the online game SW: Commander, founded in August 2014. Currently, we are a family of three squads: VadersMarines (VM), VadersMarines Bootcamp (VMB), VadersMarines Academy (VMA) and ... and yes, we have ex-marines as active members.

VadersMarines exists to benefit its members through the achievement of squad goals and group camaraderie. Reaching the top of the SW: Commander squads leaderboard is first among these goals, along with helping our members reach the top50 individual leader boards and the top50 conflict boards. Above all though, our goal is make this game more fun and support each other through donations, tactics, and base design strategy.

Joining VadersMarines Family

We're always looking for good marines to join our ranks! Anyone can join the VadersMarines family by putting in an application in game or via our Join Us web form. Based on available places, your total number of medals and how much time you can play, you will join one of the three squads. An officer will explain the squad's specific goals as part of your "initiation".

After joining, you can move between our squads if you have the requisite medals for movement, not be in violation of any squad guidelines and have attained the requisite rank within your current squad; just talk to your leader or one of the officers. Unlike other SW:C squads, we will never force a member to move up.

We use the Line chat app (iOS, Android, & Windows) to communicate between the squads, so having that installed is mandatory.

Our Members

What's the life of a VadersMarine like? Well, glad you asked! Here are some guidelines:

  • MEDAL GAINS - You need to keep those medals poppin'! Each squad sets its own expectations of how many medals a member must gain during any given week. It is up to the member to notify an officer when "real life" takes over and he/she should be excused from these gains for any given period of time. Members will not be removed solely for failing to meet this criteria, but it will be used as a factor when determining eligibility to remain in the squad and for promotions.
  • DONATIONS - Members are expected to keep a reasonable ratio in regards to donating and receiving troops. Having great donated troops numbers will help you get recognized in our Honours Board but you will not be removed solely for having a small ratio.
  • INTERACTIONS - Members are expected to act polite and considerate to other members and officers while they are in the squad. There will be zero tolerance for abuse or any acts of bigotry and any member on the receiving end of anything that makes them uncomfortable should report such action to any officer or leader in any VadersMarines squad.
  • CAMARADERIE -Members are highly encouraged to participate in squad functions: raids, meetings, competitions and Line chat, as this increases the fun of the game for everyone and helps pass some of the monotonous times. This is not a factor in any other way though.

Recognition, Promotions and Officers

There are two types of recognition: our Ranking System and our Honours Board.

Through the different medals in our Honours Board we recognize our most active members in gaining medals, participating in conflicts and donating troops.

Through our Ranking System we recognize high medals members, longevity, loyalty and the degree in which our members participate in squads management in-game as well as outside the game, welcoming new members and so on.

Warrant Officers in VMA and VMB, as well as marines ranked 2nd Lieutenant and above, are also our "Officers" in the game. What does it take to become an officer? See if you fit the bill ...

  • Officers are expected to participate in squad management and to monitor squad chat and Line chat in order to maintain order within their individual squads and to provide discipline should a member get out of order.
  • Officers are expected to be proficient in game mechanics and should be able to help newer members with tactics and general advice about base design or at least point them to someone else who can.

  • Officers shall indoctrinate new members that are accepted; that includes giving them their expectations, information about the website (especially this page), and be able to field answers to any commonly asked questions about VadersMarines.

  • Officers are to promote camaraderie and togetherness within the membership of their squad and the VadersMarines system as a whole. Setting up squad events, encouraging good behavior, praising members who are doing well, and the like benefit the squad greatly as a whole.

When you join VadersMarines family your rank will be determined by the squad you're assigned to (VM and VMB start at Private and VMA at Trainee). How fast you promote it's entirely up to you but bear in mind that we announce promotions once a week, usually in the week-end when we do our weekly medals update.

Promotions are a "don't ask us, we ask you" thing but if you feel like you're overlooked and you deserve one, don't be afraid to speak up to an officer, we don't hold that against you.

For more information and details you can download and view our Bylaws and Rules document.