VadersMarines was founded shortly after Star Wars: Commander Launched in August of 2014 by a former Marine himself, Gizmo7725. We shot into the top50 almost immediately and made it into the top20 on October 3, 2014, a little over a month after launch with 2 members among the top50 players in the world.

At VadersMarines we felt that the standard member/officer/leader ranking system lacks depth and nuance, so we have adopted a variation on the USMC ranks. While initially having 12 ranks, which was fit for one squad, we have now expanded our ranks and we use almost all USMC ranks.

In December, the founder and leader of VadersMarines stepped aside, leaving us under interim leader Pedarius. Shortly thereafter, we were able to find our next leader and top50 player, HanzJaeger. There was some upheaval near the end of 2014, but VadersMarines was able to find its feet again and even to expand, opening our first sub-squad, VadersMarines Academy (VMAcademy), just after the new year under the command of the semi-retired Gizmo7725.

With Vaders Marines now getting fed new talent from below and from across, we were able to push ourselves back among the top squads. In March of 2015, HanzJaeger stepped aside to let one of the founding members of VadersMarines take the helm, Phantomchickenz. Under his leadership, we saw ourselves rise to as high as #7 in the world and never less than #20.

In August of 2015, almost one year after the launch of Star Wars: Commander, VadersMarines reached a new milestone in its history by launching our third squad, VadersMarines Bootcamp (VMBootcamp), under the command of FYU. The addition of the third squad allowed Vaders Marines to have a greater depth of talent through which to comb when searching for new members of the higher squads and to help give our team more stability through diversification.

In January of 2016, VadersMarines saw two unprecedented events. First came the election of a new leader, this time by an open nomination and voting by all members of all 3 squads. Sabony was elected leader and took command in the first week of the new year. The second big event was of a less pleasant nature: unhappy with the turnout of the election, a disgruntled lower squad leader broke away from VadersMarines and took several of our members with them using unsavory methods. This caused the dissolution of VMA in its (then) current form.  VMB was then promoted to primary feeder squad and VMA was remade into a starter squad for those whose medals are at least 500.

In August of 2017, VadersMarines reorganized yet again to have VMA be the more active squad and feed directly in VM and left VMB for the more casual Marines and new recruits that didn't want to jump in head first. This organizations allows for more varied player recruitment and an easier ability for players to step back from the game without leaving the family entirely.

VadersMarines is always among the top20 squads in the game and sees little attrition due to cross squad loss, with most of our losses due to members retiring from the game as a whole. We like to think of ourselves as a family: by helping each other with strategy, by keeping the game interesting when the developers break key components, and even by helping each other with real world issues as we are big enough that there is always someone online and always someone who knows the answer for which you are looking.

While VadersMarines has always had players reaching into the top50 in the world, we succeed not on the shoulders of a few, but upon the strength of the many. With that in mind, join Vaders Marines today: learn with us, crush rebels with us, and help push our family even higher. Find us in game or contact us using the form on this page for information.

Current and Former Leaders:
Vaders Marines

  1. Gizmo7725

  2. Pedarius

  3. HanzJaeger

  4. Phantomchickenz

  5. Sabony

  6. Marth Daul

  7. Nick Danger (current)

Vaders Marines Academy

  1. General Kush

  2. The Sergeant

  3. Sabony

  4. Bubba Fett

  5. Marth Daul

  6. Kratos

  7. Bickers

  8. DELTA 04 (current)

Vaders Marines Bootcamp

  1. FYU

  2. Nick Danger

  3. Turdlord

  4. Mongol Zombie

  5. Zeyp

  6. Topak

  7. Ehud

  8. Bacon (current)